Referral Program

Our Way of Saying “Thank You!”

Every year, more and more satisfied customers refer their friends, families, and business colleges to CJ Services. We recognize these word-of-mouth referrals as one of the best ways for us to grow. Now, we would like to thank you for your referrals and your continued trust within our business.

Here's How the Rewards Program Works

Tell your friends and neighbors about CJ Services! When your qualified referral contacts us for a quote and continues with service, we will send you the qualifying dollar amount in a Visa Gift Card. Plus, for every 4 qualifying  referrals, you will receive and extra $100 Visa Gift Card.

Important Program Information

A qualified referral is a person willing to provide us with the necessary information to provide a quote.

The program is open to any person, of any age, who refers a qualified prospect to CJ Services.

The referring person does not have to make a purchase or be a current or past client of CJ Services to make a referral. However, the referred person must  purchase: 1) a minimum of $500 of services in order for the referring person to receive a $25 Visa Gift Card or 2) sign a contract for continued services in order for the referring person to receive a $75 Visa Gift Card. If the referred person receives a quote but does not purchase service, the referring person is ineligible for the  individual gift card but will still be eligible for the $100 gift card with the qualifying amount of referrals .

Gift cards should be mailed within 30 days of a qualified referral.

Only one gift card will be issued per new client.

*This program may be changed or discontinued at any time without notice.

Testimonials & Reviews

We Value Your Opinion

We love hearing from you!  

Please take the time to leave us some feedback in regards to how we have helped you, or how we can better serve you.   CJ Services strives for customer satisfaction. 

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