Lawn and Garden Restoration

A quality lawn and garden is the goal and dream of many property owners. With proper foundation, establishment, and care, this goal can be achieved. No matter what size of restoration you need, we take care of them all. There’s not a project too big or too small for our experienced professionals.

CJ Services offers an extensive knowledge base on many types of restorations, not just limited to lawn and garden. Contact us and see how we can help you, even if you don’t see your particular project listed.

Restoration Breakdown

“Restoring all or sections of your lawn by; removing all vegetation in the area to be restored, re-grading these areas to perfection to help with water flow, adding a layer of a rich organic topsoil if needed, then installing new Kentucky bluegrass sod or seeding of your choice”

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  • Removing and trimming of any dead, overgrown, or unwanted; weeds, plants, bushes, tree limbs, trees.
  • Repair grass with our wide variety of installation and seeding options. *For a list of them all Click Here
  • Level the land, taking water flow and drainage into consideration. *For more info on our drainage services Click Here
  • Removal of all debris.
  • Completely restore planter beds by; removing old mulch or ground cover, installation of an all season weed preventer, cutting in all new natural edging or adjusting the preexisting edging, then place new fresh mulch or decorative landscape stone. - We have approximately 16 varieties of stone to choose from!
  • Basic landscaping of flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees per client request. All options can be discussed during the initial consultation and time of quote.