New Construction Clean up

If You Build It, We Will Come!

Commercial construction can take a toll on land and property, we provide all the final touches to enhance nature's natural beauty and make sure no debris is left behind.

We also offer site clean up services, even during a project. We come in and pick up once a day or week, depending upon your personal needs or after the subcontractors are done with their job. We do an initial walk-through to set job expectations and to receive any special clean-up instructions. We prep all areas for the next phase of any construction project, regardless of size.

CJ’s offers many services that compliment post-outdoor clean up, check them out today! 

No project is too big or small. Our knowledgeable staff of professionals have a trained eye for perfection. 

  • Cleaning up all debris left behind by all building trades
  • Pulling of forms from new concrete installations such as sidewalks and drive ways, backing filling of sidewalk edges, curbs, settled trenches
  • Eliminate unwanted weeds and vegetation
  • Moving spoils around for proper grading and drainage issues
  • Placing of rip rap for soil erosion
  • Soil, plant, and tree replacement – we use our own organic top soil!
  • Seeding and straw matting for soil erosion
  • Hydro seeding, drill seeding, or broadcast seeding
  • Garden restoration
  • Wash exterior windows
  • Driveway, parking lot, and roadway clean up by; sweeping, blowing, or washing