Property Drainage

There are many ways to remove water from a home's surface, but where that run-off goes is just as equally important.  Water that consistently remains on the surface of your yard after a heavy rain is known as standing or ponding water. If this happens regularly near the foundation of your home or building, the concern is that this water will work its way in. Not only can water cause a problem for your home, but standing water can become a mosquito magnet and harbor many types of bacteria and parasites which can lead to several other issues, including health.

Commercial or residential we remove standing water at any location

There is no water we can’t remove, unless it's chemically contaminated

Our work is always guaranteed, we will come back free of charge if there are any problems

CJ Services eliminates standing water by: re-grading the property, creating swales, installing; a yard drain, trench drain, French drain, and extending down spouts beneath ground level away from structure then installing a *pop-up.   We have a wide variety of  additional services that compliment and enhance our drainage services, contact us today to see how we can help you!  

*A pop-up is a little round item that pops up above ground to release water evenly once it comes from your downspouts. This item is usually placed at least 10’ away from the building or home and decreases the likelihood of water entering. By using this item there’s also less of a chance to create erosion.

Types of Drains

  • French drain is a perforated pipe, surrounded by gravel, and installed in an 8-10” underground trench.
  • Trench drain is a specific type of floor drain containing a dominant trough- or channel-shaped body. It is used for the rapid evacuation of surface water.
  • Grassy swale is an area of the lawn which is carefully graded to direct water to a designated collection area and helps dissipate the water over a larger area. They are also known as a shallow drainage ditch.

Please note that during your quote, we will always look for any potential reasons why you may develop any type of issues with standing water on your property. We also check the premises of the home or building for additional areas and ways water may enter.

Landscaping Tips for Proper Drainage

- Ask about our Seasonal Services to assist you in making sure that you are covered and prepared all year around! If water drainage is an issue, it’s even more important to be preventative for the wet months!

  • Next to the home, maintain 6” of visible foundation at all times.
  • When you reapply mulch every year, keep an eye on the height and slope. If mulch gets too high, it will change the water flow next to the house and could cause water to go over the foundation or seep into siding and damage it. This makes a breeding ground for insects and termites and can lead to other unwanted issues.